Sunday, October 26 2014


Grocery Bill Challenge for 2014:

An American family of four spends an average of $240 a week on food and drink, while clients of local food pantries have roughly $20 a week to spend. Match one of your weekly grocery bills with a donation to the CROP Hunger Walk (or raise the equivalent) and help hungry families to feed themselves and receive a reusable grocery bag on walk day! Challenge others to do the same!

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CROP Hunger Walks help children and families worldwide - and right here in North Carolina - to have food for today, while building for a better tomorrow. Our local efforts are making a huge difference, and so can you.



The CROP Hunger Walk is the heart and "sole" of Raleigh! It is the only event that brings together all members of our community - young and old, all faiths and walks of life for a common goal - to end hunger, one step at a time! Our Walk engages a broad cross-section of the community in service to the neediest of the world. It is an interfaith, community-oriented event that (1) raises funds to help hungry people, (2) raises awareness of hunger as an issue, (3) engages and trains volunteers for community service, and (4) brings together persons of many ages and backgrounds in a common endeavor.

There are solutions. Working together, we can build a world where there is enough for all.